Save the booksellers, Mr. President!

Last spring, when the lockdown was announced, the government was raving about being the great defender of booksellers against the ogre Amazon.Don't laugh.Our ministers' message was beautiful as a day without death in intensive care.We would see the French genius at work.Booksellers would not be left by the side of the road.No, never, the land of Voltaire and Victor Hugo would abandon its "invisible" ones, its little soldiers who sell books, these merchants of happiness, champions of local commerce, diffusers of culture in our neighborhoods and our villages.

Weren't they the paragons of French virtue, unique, like the price of the book imposed in his time by Jack Lang? However, eight months later, patatrase, everything begins again.The aberrations are back.The famous debate on culture, "essential consumer good", is again on the table.However, it seems that the government has, here again , operated an unfortunate oversight, hence the rebellion that is rising everywhere in the four corners of the country, headed by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, against the closure of local bookstores.The State intervention of 25 million euros to avoid hundreds of bankruptcies demanded loudly by the French Book Syndicate, is on its way.Dramatic paradox: during this strange parenthesis of life in slow motion, never the French have had, and will have, the opportunity, and the time, to indulge in unrestricted reading, to dive back into the classics of literature.Read Dostoyevsky, Jack London, Albert Camus, Balzac, Albert Cohen, Stefan Zweig, to dive back into poetry, Desnos, Tzara, Aragon, Guillevic, and so many others , the demand is huge.

Posted Date: 2020-12-07

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